Defunding the police does not mean disbanding the police. Defunding the police really means reallocating monies given to police departments to other social care agencies allowing the police to carry out their main function, that is to keep the peace.

Rather than strangers armed with guns, first responders should be mental health providers, social workers, victim advocates, financial assistance providers and other community members in less visible roles.

When people ask for police reform, many are actually asking for this oppressive system to be dismantled and to invest in institutions, resources, and services that help communities grow and thrive.

Proactive policing as the systematic and aggressive enforcement of low-level violations and heightened police presence in areas where "crime is anticipated." That's exactly the kind of activity that police divestment supporters want to end.

Much of the work police do is merely engage in the daily harassment of communities for minor crimes or crimes of poverty that shouldn't be criminalized in the first place. Consider this: Out of the 10.3 million arrests made per year, only 5 percent are for the most serious offenses, including murder, rape, and aggravated assault. These are the ones that truly threaten public safety. The other 95 percent of arrests are for things like traffic violations, marijuana possession, unlawful assembly, and even removing a shopping cart from store premises. That means that police spend the most resources going after minor incidents that actually don't threaten everyday life but do lead to mass criminalization and incarceration.

Felons can't get jobs, can't get housing, can't get student loans to go back to school and make something of themselves. What else is there to do BESIDES going back to crime? System just beggin these niggas to go back to prison. It's sick.

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