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Chicago Police Have Been Sabotaging Their Dash Cams

Massachusetts Chief’s Tack in Drug War: Steer Addicts to Rehab, Not Jail

How Police Officers Seize Cash From Innocent Americans

Stop-and-Seize Turns Police Into Self-Funding Gangs

Police Officer Kills Self Moments Before He Was Charged with Sex Offenses Against Children

Accidental shooting?

US police shot more people dead last month than British officers did in 95 years

Alameda police protecting the shit out of us

Officer shoots unarmed man while he is face-down on the ground

Cop Executes Man as He is Lying Face Down and Complying

Illinois Cop 'Carefully Staged Suicide' Committed Crimes, Investigators Say

California Deputies Shoot Man Recording Them with Phone After Fearing for Their Lives

Teen: As off-duty trooper shot at us, 'we were afraid for our lives'

Report: Police Department In Massachusetts Gave Higher Points To Candidates Who Pledged Not To Arrest Fellow Officers For DUI

Officers Accused Of Using Bean-Bag Rounds, Taser On Man In Wheelchair During Arrest

Cop Shoots 4-Yr-Old Child in Attempt to Kill Dog

Police video shows officer questioning about lemonade stand permit

Homeowner To Police: 'You’ve Destroyed A Family’s Life'

Justicefordillon Officer Involved

Police: Pressure cooker from suspicious DC vehicle destroyed

Michael Brelo, Cleveland Patrolman, Found Not Guilty In Deaths Of 2 Unarmed Suspects

Officials Investigating After U.S. Marshal Rips Phone From Hands Of Recording Bystander

Police Shoot Two Unarmed Men 377 Times, In Car That Had Already Crashed

Dash Cam Video Shows Officer Run Over Suspect In Arizona

S.C. police officer charged in fatal shooting

NYC detective's video rant at Uber cab driver spurs transfer

Local 4 Defenders: Violent traffic stop in Inkster caught on camera

Australian woman accused of squirting breast milk on police officer

Records: Cop Driving in Wrong-Way Crash Had 2 DUI Arrests

Man shot, killed by officers during psychiatric call in Gaston County

Homeless phone-charging "thief" wanted security

Friend of man shot by Volusia Co. deputy calls killing 'murder'

Dash Cam Beating: Police Officer Turned Off Camera

WPD conducts violent no-knock raid: guess what they found

Protesters plan more rallies over fatal Pasco police shooting

Cop Breaks Leg of 10-Year-Old Who Filmed Him

'She was only a baby': last charge dropped in police raid that killed sleeping Detroit child

Cop pepper sprays terrifying attacker brandishing a (possible weapon)

Cop arrests old man for using a golf club as a cane, falsely claims that it's a weapon and that he swung it at her

Police union to state lawmakers: Don't mess with no-knock warrants

New police radars can 'see' inside homes

American cops kill too many Americans (and don't really care)

Texas Cop Nathanial Robinson Uses Stun Gun On Elderly Man Over Inspection Sticker

Woman awarded $100,000 in Free Speech settlement

Police Union Thugs (will they enforce?)

Another Disturbing Video of Police Brutality Just Emerged in Arizona

Choke Hold Cop walks (disgusting)

Denver Police Attempt To Erase Video Of Cop Brutally Beating Unarmed Suspect

Police State or no police State, that is the Question

Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

How many cops are needed in a chase? A bunch of police thugs

Off-Duty Cop Allegedly Shoots Woman In Head During Road Rage Incident

Denver Police accused of using excessive force, illegal search

Twelve year old Cleveland boy with fake pistol killed by police

Children Strip-Searched At New Philadelphia Family Courthouse

Police killings highest in two decades

Police mistakenly shoot 911 caller during manhunt

Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize

Officer of the Month Raped Girl At Gunpoint on the Hood of His Patrol Car

Heavily armed drug cops raid retiree's garden, seize okra plants

Black Teen With White Parents Mistaken For Burglar, Assaulted By Cops In His Own Home

Cop grills driver over her religious beliefs

No charges for officers in botched drug raid that disfigured toddler

Teacher Carries Plastic Sword on "Talk Like A Pirate Day", Police Lock-Down 4 Schools

Unarmed black granddad killed by cop, in shades of Ferguson

Cop's Tip For Not Getting Raped By A Cop: Don't Get Pulled Over

New Video Shows John Crawford Fatally Shot By Police In Wal-Mart

Florida police use SWAT teams to check barber licenses

Donut Emergency!!! Five Miami Police Vehicles Busted Flashing Emergency Lights on Way to Breakfast

Cops cleared more than 400 times each year for justified homicides

Police: Virginia deputy shot daughter, crashed car. The cost of being trigger happy.

Yet Another Man, Omar Abrego, Died After Police Beating In Los Angeles

How Congress Helped Create Ferguson's Militarized Police

Ferguson shooting: US police armed with 93,763 new machine guns

The Pentagon gave nearly half a billion dollars of military gear to local law enforcement last year

FBI: 80 Percent Of Police Officers Are Overweight

Local police kill 400 a year

Protest planned after LAPD officer shoots, kills man during struggle

Witness says teen friend shot by cop 'like an animal

Two pigs collide

Cop lies his ass off

Two cops pulled off streets, Staten Island DA looking into death of dad of six after NYPD cop put him in chokehold during sidewalk takedown

Police officer shoots 'aggressive' tortoise dead

Lunging "pit bull" fatally shot by Coeur d'Alene officer

Why are police shooting so many family dogs?
Because they think it's fun to kill family pets. They enjoy it.

Citizen Teaches Four Stupid Cops About The Law

CHP pummels woman during struggle on side of freeway
Caught on camera: Trooper filmed 'brutally beating woman on side of California highway'

ACLU Report Says 'Militarized' SWAT Teams Treat Neighborhoods Like 'War Zones'

Massachusetts SWAT teams claim they're private corporations, immune from open records laws
Always showing off how stupid they really are.

Salt Lake man wants police officer who killed his dog fired

A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son

Washington County man sues Canonsburg police after arrest for swearing

Dad goes to jail for 4-year-old daughter's drawing

Empty rifle case found

Maryland police mistake pellet gun for assault rifle, kill man

Stop and Frisk on Steroids

State trooper convicted of official oppression for illegal searches

Lawsuit: Inmate in solitary confinement says jail ignored birth, leading to baby's death

Militarized police overreach: Oh, God, I thought they were going to shoot me next

Prisoner boiled alive

Washington Man Cries For Help as He's Beaten to Death By Police (Video)

BEAUMONT: Jury weighs police pepper spray that blinded woman

Texas town shaken by officer shooting 93-year-old

Police Shooting Frenzy Raises Concerns

Rare 'Perry Mason' moment in court wins dismissal for defendant, desk duty for 5 police officers

Under attack: Depth of federal arms race should surprise, shock citizenry

New revelations about mom killed by Capitol cops

THE DARK STATE: Discarded tea leaves, false positive drug tests prompt search warrant of family home

Paramilitary Police: Cops or Soldiers

Police pussies committing murder in the first degree

San Diego police raid strip club, photograph strippers

Roadside adventures with small-town cops in Electra, Texas

SC officer shoots man reaching for cane

A plague of 'professional courtesy'

Boy arrested after throwing snowball at cop, 13-year-old being charged with a felony following incident

Dashcam video clears NJ man

Cops hit my car, then arrested me: suit

Recording Traffic Stop Lands Davie Woman In Jail

Attorney: Teen was shot (and killed) for having Wii controller in hand

Florida cop killer shot 110 times and hit 68 times (no more bullets)

Pines Cop Accused Of Stealing Pricey Watch After Jewelry Store Heist

Scenes from a militarized America: Iowa family 'terrorized'

California: Officers Faulted in Mistaken Shooting

Roadside violation: Drivers, passengers say police searched inside underpants

Cops bloody old man - for jaywalking

Ex-NYPD Cops, Firefighters Charged With Disability Fraud

2013: Fewest Police Deaths (33) by Firearms Since 1887

Meanwhile in the line of duty, officers killed

Father says 18-year-old son murdered by Southport Police officer

Unbelievably lenient sentence for cop who fingered suspects' anuses

Disturbing Eyewitness Video Captures Calif. Officer Fatally Shooting Unarmed Homeless Man 'About a Second' After He Called Her a Bitch

Officer slams handcuffed man's head into wall

Officer Who Fired on Runaway Family's Minivan Fired

No charges for OPD officer accused of hitting homeless man with car

Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square

Kalief Browder, NYC Teen Jailed For Years With No Conviction, Says Rikers Guards 'Starved' Him

Cops: On Duty Officer Raped Young Woman On Squad Car

Police slam and arrest UTC student opposing campus preacher

Arkansas cop tasers woman who refuses to show him her breasts: lawsuit

Police stun stepdad trying to save son from fire

When Did 'To Serve & Protect' Become 'To Seize & Profit?'

Florida Cops Made Millions Dealing Cocaine: The Latest Asset Forfeiture Outrage

Deadly force: A spate of police shootings of suspects raises unsettling questions.

Video shows Dallas officer shooting man standing with arms at his side

Cleveland police suspend 63 officers over deadly chase (137 shots fired)

Groups criticize NC officer arrest in man's death

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies Shoot Elderly Man in His Bed

Widow to Sue Over Fatal Shooting of Husband, 80, by Sheriff's Deputies

Video Captures Cop's Alleged Excessive Force

Licensed to Kill: The Growing Phenomenon of Police Shooting Unarmed Citizens

Cops shoot two bystanders on Broadway

Charlotte police kill unarmed man who may have been running to them for help

Law enforcement corruption & abuse

Brooklyn Family: Man Died Of Apparent Heart Attack After Cops Barged Into Home

Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With Massive SWAT Raid


Couple kept in the cells for four hours after being arrested in their bedroom by armed police when a paramedic mistook TV remote for a gun

WTF! Big brave police officer punches an 8 year old in the face

Police stun gun kills Florida teen

Police kill a 95 year old vet

State trooper deliberately hits skater and drives off

LAPD officer molests two nine year olds, free on bail

It was like a firing squad

No Charges For Cop Who Killed Man In Williamsburg Crosswalk

Hawthorne, CA police brutally kill dog after arresting owner for filming

Police humane officer kills kittens for his own safety

Brave police officer pepper sprays a squirel

Man killed holding a garden hose

Sacramento Police Investigating After Suspect Dies In Custody, Bystander Records Encounter (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Psycho cop tasers someone walking away

Troopers Indicted After Roadside Cavity Search Of Two Women

Stupid police women

Video shows Canada police violence

Second Amendment Is A Danger To Public Safety

Details emerge in LAPD's mistaken shooting of newspaper carriers

Video: Cop Lands Helicopter to Harass Woman


Las Vegas police beaten videographer


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