These weapons have been described as non-lethal (except to pregnant women, old people, children, etc...).

As such, the Framingham police will more likely use them simply because its fun to watch people twitch in agony.

I am sure many police officers are itching to use it on me.

The Framingham police currently have the TASER X26, but will carry TASER X2 soon, purchased from Taser International.

Taser X26

Taser X2

Body Camera

Point Of View Camera

Police officers' use of body cameras will promote accountability and transparency if the policies that govern the footage are not overly restrictive.

The devices would help build and sustain trust between communities and those who serve and protect these communities. But the equipment can only achieve this goal if the policies governing the use of body cameras and disclosure of the footage don't get in the way.

Police officers who deliberately destroy or maliciously tamper with the cameras should be summarily fired.

If you intentionally falsely accuse someone of a crime then the punishment for you should be the same as for the crime that you accused them of.

Justice could only be done if the penalties for falsely reporting somebody for any crime is equal to the crime the unjustly accused individual would receive had he been convicted

As of March, 2016, the Framingham police department had 73 Tasers and 85 certified Taser users [electronic control weapon]

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