Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who guards the guardians?

Concerning Steven Trask, here is something from his heart. He knew of Jim Rizoli and showed his hate for him from his heart.

He did apologize to Jim later, but, I suspect the apology merely lays the groundwork for the next offense.

I personally had an encounter with Trask on the steps of city hall many years ago. A very unpleasant man with a fair amount of hostility.

I feel that Framingham would be better off if he was a dog catcher.

Please watch this video on the Baltimore police. It was very depressing but it made me think of the lack of accountability of police officers.

Baltimore police goes wild

It is the direction we seem to be taking.

You should promote Lester Baker, an assistant police chief, to police chief. Yvonne Spicer would be delighted. He might be able to get rid of Brian Simoneau , a lawyer who wants to play cop (with a gun).

I'd like to see Brian play prisoner.

His Head Nigger In Charge comment would take on a whole new meaning.

Is this corruption yet?

We currently employ two police officers who have killed civilians. Paul Duncan and Steven Casey.

The city of Framingham is saying to them...

Thank you for killing these people. Allow us to reward you with a lifetime job and a comfortable retirement.

We collect them the way we collect dead bodies in our cemeteries. Fortunately, they have a limited lifespan before they become part of the cemetery. Their lifespan is usually longer than their victims.

I am pretty sure that both officers were advised not to kill again.

There's nothing quite like serial killers in a police department. A future liability in Framingham.

Is this corruption yet?

Here is my list of recommendations for the police department The police staff that work undercover (think Matthew Gutwill as a for instance) have the best opportunities to be the most corrupt. I'd also suggest watching police union heads and anyone who has access to our evidence room . The temptation to do wrong (enrich oneself) and evil (knowing better but doing worse) is there. Al Dubeshter was not the first, and he won't be the last.

Police officers are like spiders. I know they're useful to have around, but whenever I see one I get really nervous.

The internal investigation department should not have any law enforcement employees or any member of their families. It should be as independent as possible.

Here is a pretty pathetic document I got a few years ago on internal investigations.

Imagine, if I were the only one to justify my actions.

Is this corruption yet?

Check out the police union contracts to see if the police HAVE TO answer to any civilian agency for any reason. The devil is always in the details.

The city's web site has some old collective bargaining agreements How about some current ones?


Is this corruption yet?

The most current Teacher's union contract is now 76 pages of details.

Could we please get rid of this Framingham police policy on immigration.

I challenge any of you to show me a law that prevents the Framingham police from enforcing the following federal laws:


The city or police cannot decide what laws to enforce or not enforce.

Illegal immigration is an unfunded mandate being forced on the local taxpayers through the lack of law enforcement.

Our council members and mayor are forcing it on us by the lack of enforcement (derelicton of duty). Thanks!

This is why you are pushing the Fuller override.

Your ESL program runs counter to federal law, if you read the law.

Is this corruption yet?

Why do police officers have a monopoly on detail work? Why do we not have flag men or better yet, cardboard cutouts of police officers just to spook the public.

Who do you have to suck up to to get this cushy work.

Have you examined police activity every morning on Concord, Franklin and Maple streets. Talk about a cash cow for police officers to just stand around and do mostly nothing.

Is this corruption yet?

As far as I know, two officers have each destroyed $35K cruisers in careless accidents (a.k.a Paul Duncan). Elizabeth Morrison and Val Krishtal. What penalty, if any at all did these officers get?

Val Krishtal driving record is worse than your average alcoholic. Does he use alcohol?

Is this corruption yet?

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