The city hired J. Flagg consulting to conduct a study on the Framingham police department. Sixty-two percent of department personnel were interviewed individually, along with people outside the department who are closely connected with it. The report was handed in to the mayor on Monday, and the results were released to the public on Friday.

First problem I found is who is J. Flagg Consulting? A very private site. The police report does not state who gathered the information or who wrote the report. This must be the Mayor's open and transparent government project at work.

The term professional and its derivatives are abused in this report. In sports, if you're not making money, you are a rank amatuer. The term professional means that you get paid to do your job. It does not mean that you do your job well in any sense.

The use of capitalization in the report is interesting since it shows bias. The ranks (Officer,Sergeant,Lieutenant,Deputy Chief of Police, Chief of Police) are capitalized. The mechanic, dispatchers, civilians and crossing guards are not. Every instance of Leadership, Officer or Police Officer and Department is capitalized. Apparently, a sworn Officer has more value than unsworn people. The word sworn is abused.

My personal observations show that the Framingham police as an institution reward those officers who excercise their professionalism to kill others. I present you with Paul Duncan and Steven Casey. These gentlemen stand as a tribute to the police department.

After reading the police report, I became so skeptical that I asked myself how close a relationship the author had with a police union in their normal activities. It took 33 pages to tell us that we need more police officers and they should get higher pay. The report was written starting with this premise.

The author interviewed Paul Duncan (as head of the lowly police officers union) without noting that Paul Duncan brutally killed an old black man Eurie Stamps, Sr. during a SWAT raid. The town did not matter because Mr. Stamps, Sr. was merely collateral damage in Steven Carl's war on drugs. He was 68 years old and probably was not seen as having value (expendable) to the Framingham police department.

Paul Duncan continues to be employed and paid by the Framingham police department. I guess he will retire safely after 30 years of service. The cool thing about Paul Duncan is that he still carries a gun, so he could become a serial police killer. Paul Duncan is not competent enough to use the finger print machine in the police station. I should know because it was my fingers.

Sgt Scott Brown is the head of the Superior Officers union.

A sworn officer is one who has taken an oath, been given a badge, a gun and the power to arrest and incarcerate.

There have actually been swearing in ceremonies for police dogs. The oath is read to the dog but the caretaker responds. This certainly gives it more legitimacy.

The Framingham police used to hang out at Dunkin Donuts quite frequently. I started complaining and their first solution was to park in back so their cruisers could not be seen. They seem to have ended that practice now. It struck me as odd that police officers are stupid enough to park for hours at Dunkin's despite having well marked cruisers that states who their employer is.

One does not hear lumberjacks, roofers, pilots, bus and taxi drivers complaining about how dangerous their jobs are, but police unions whine incessantly about this.

Detail work is coveted simply because it pays $45/hour (minimum 4 hours according to last union contract. It is also the most dangerous work they do (more dangerous that domestic disturbance calls). Detail work is more dangerous now due to texting on cellphones while claiming to direct traffic in the middle of the street.

Newly hired police officers complain that their pay is too low. They seem to expect starting pay to afford them a house and a new car at the very start of their career. They choose an occupation that they will claim is dangerous (it is not) so they expect high pay to take a risk that does not exist to begin with.

Perhaps they should refrain from having families until they can afford one, rather than complain that their job doesn't afford their family. They are merely high school graduates without any specific skill set. What exactly is the skill set needed for a good police officer?

The more police officers we hire, the more arrests have to be made to justify their jobs. What other metrics do we consider when hiring police officers. Police officers really seem to enjoy placing people in small cages (MCI, Billerica) especially people of color and latinos.. And we claim that we wish to reduce incarceration.

Wherever one looks in the world of human organization, collective responsibility brings a lowering of moral standards. The police department is an organization which seems to have been expressly designed to make it possible for people to do things together which nobody in his right mind would do alone.

Sites that count police deaths per year

Graph, longevity of occupation

Police officers are like spiders. I know they're useful to have around, but whenever I see one I get really nervous.  

Given the different activities of the department, generally meddling in our lives, I'd like to see a set of accounting cost codes that any police officer must use for their activities. FPDCostCodes
Include "FPDCC:0754: Donut Shop Time" and let's see if anyone uses it.

Page 7: Framingham Police Department

After examining Page 7: Figure 3: Part I Offenses per year chart, one must raise their eyebrow and ask why the police chief wants more staff.

Strangely enough, an examination of shows that most of the petty crime occurs in a one mile radius of the police headquarters.

The more police officers we hire, the more arrests have to be made to justify their jobs. Police officers really seem to enjoy placing people in small cages (MCI, Billerica) especially people of color and latinos..

Page 8: Strengths of the Framingham Police Department

Officers have been able to build relationship of trust with many segments of the community... (any black or latino segments?).

Page 8: Commitment to Professionalism

Police have a strong desire to serve the community in an ethical and responsible manner.

Talk to Eurie Stamps, Sr. about that desire.

Commitment to professionalism? Discuss this important issue with them at the donut shops.

"Our people are our biggest asset" Framingham Police Sergeant
Which people would that be?
The people you arrest and incarcerate?
If it is the staff of the police department, it's not only your biggest asset, it is your only asset.
This statement reminded me of the Willie Sutton story.

Page 9: Relationship with, and respect for the community

It's obvious, the author has never actually filed a complaint with any police department. There is a complaint form, but the police will not give it to you without first harrassing you for filing a complaint to begin with.

If you wish to test the police complaint procedure, I suggest you send two unknown gruffy looking lackeys to our police HQ and make a simple request for a complaint form. They do have such a form. Video tape the incidence. Tell them they are being recorded. It's perfectly legal, but you will get to see first hand how abusive these idiots are.

Then play back the recordings to the public. Let me know when the public screening happens so I can break open a bag of popcorn and watch the mayhem.

How many cruisers can an officer trash and not get fired or even penalized in any way? Talk to Elizabeth Morrison and Val Krishtal.

It cannot be overemphasized that maintaining two killer cops ( Steven Casey and Paul Duncan) cannot be good for respect for the community. It makes a very clear statement that there is no penalty at all for killing someone and you also get a lifetime job with a generous pension. Tell that to Eurie Stamps, Sr. and Karl Thomsen. Meanwhile, we do continue to brainwash our second graders.

Page 10: Training & Professionalism

Page 10 states that unlawful activity was detected in our evidence room in September 2015. The public was informed about 9 months later in June 2016. You can sense dishonesty here.

Our town attorney, Petrini raised it to a new level of comedy and described it as a discrepancy, but you know all those lawyer jokes. I wonder if he would call a rape victim an unwilling sperm recipient.

Did Alan Dubeshter serve any prison time? Does Dubeshter have a nice retirement package? Inquisitive minds want to know?

Who invited in an independent audit by Narcotics Audit Solutions, LLC and what is the relationship between that person and that company and who gets a kickback?

When there are allegations of misconduct, they are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action is taken if allegations are sustained.

  • who exactly investigates?
  • what is an appropriate action?
  • who determines if allegations are to be sustained?

This report would be more credible if they had itemized best practices and responsible law enforcement. Isn't that what we had before Dubeshter broke in?

As long as internal affairs is controlled by the police department, the brutal nature of police will not change. They may do as they please. Talk to Paul Duncan.

The Framingham police department is a mixture of a command control where individuals have authoritative ranks, and a public sector union where seniority rules in pay. This probably causes most internal strife. I suggest dumping all public sector unions.

Page 11: Pure fluff

Page 12: Changing the culture

How does one change the culture of a unionized, command and control system where officers have rank and/or seniority. That is the epitomy of their culture.

The general attitude here is it's me first, not mission first.

That last statement is called Darwinian Evolution. It's always me first. We all do more for ourselves than for others.

Page 13: Distrust

Nothing in here that I did not find across all the corporations I worked for as a software developer.

Another Willie Sutton type statement....

We are all responsible for the environment here. Framingham police officer.

Page 14: Officer Wellness

Police officers can witness a difficult situation or causing a difficult situation

Tell that to Eurie Stamps, Sr. and Karl Thomsen

Another petty drug dealer taken down.

Collateral Damage

Page 15: Changing Demographic of the police work

As soon as a police officer has five years of experience, they work themselves into the bureaucracy, never to been seen on the streets again. Ask yourself, how many FPD employees are parked at 1 William Welch Drive. Union seniority gives you the perks. If you can't make it thru five years, then you move on.

Every now and then, a guy will step into his backyard with his BB gun and you get rousted out of the office, or donut shop.

Page 16: Officer Retention: Pay

There is a common belief that Officers are significantly underpaid for the type of work they are required to perform?

If they want higher pay, they should have real skill? Most are high school graduates and some level of armed forces experience (killing experience) and they have been fooled into thinking they are highly educated.

In all honesty, have you heard anyone say, I'm being paid too much!

Do these Officers think of themselves as Barney Fife in Mayberry?

Why have a family if you can't afford one? Officers expect to be paid based on their reproductive capabilities? I think not!

Page 17: Lack of Opportunities for Specialty Assignments

What are all the speciality assignments? It's only small police department with limited opportunities. They are not employed by a large corporation.

I would really like a list of specialty assignments.

Page 17: Training

How much training can there be? I remember the police department asking for funds to train the officers to use computers. Really!

Page 18: Staffing and Management

As I see it, too many officers have assignments that may be out of the purview of a police officer. The police themselves decide what work they should do as police officers.

Any commanding officer who assigns a triple shift to any member of the staff, and any staff member who accepts a triple shift should both be fired for incompetency and endangering public health.

Page 22: Establish Goal Setting

Too often there is a belief that performance evaluations in law enforcement are a substitution for punishment, retaliation or personal retribution.

It's not unique to law enforcement. It exists in software development.

Page 22: Establish and Communicate Clear Process and Criteria for Specialty Assignments.

I'd like to see a complete list of specialty assignments and who is assigned to them. A clear process and criteria would be nice.

Page 23: Communicate Expectations for Behaviour & Discipline Criteria

I have yet to see one officer being disciplined for anything. Show me one officer who lost any pay for any reason. If you maintain your job and get paid, where's the penalty. I present you (as mere examples) with:

Do we have to include training advising them not to shove large cumbersome objects into people's anuses? Some NYC police officers did not get that training.

Page 24: Ensure Adequate Staffing

This paragraph summarises the purpose of this report. To praise and flatter the police department and hire more police officers.

What is the mission of the police department? This is a central question.
How many different activities can the police engage in? Is traffic detail really police work?

Perhaps a slew of flagmen with video cameras under DPW might be better?

Why must we use armed individuals to control traffic flow?

The city should take undocumented populations, traffic, residential and commercial growth into consideration when budgeting for the Police Department.

We are indeed becoming more and more illegal in this turd world city and this is the direct fault of the police department in not enforcing any immigration laws. Framingham wants desperately to become a sanctuary city.

However, we should note the response of the Framingham police at the Crowne Plaza in Natick and the BB gun related McAuliffe/FHS lockdown.
Way over the top.

I'm wondering how many police officers would show up in a real school shooting. These idiots would be tripping all over each other, pretty much like Paul Duncan.

Page 26: Recognize when staff do something in support of the department's core value

Provide a comfortable retirement for Paul Duncan and Steven Casey.

Page 26: Improve communications with the public

There is a departmental responsibility to deal with the public, but the image the police give us is made by each and every officer that deals with the public.

Page 27: Measuring Community Support

Experiencing Coffee with a cop is easy peasy. Just show up at any donut/bagel shop around the morning shift change (0745). You can set your watch by their arrival, and they will be glad to talk to you for hours on end unless they are rousted by a dispatch call.

Page 29: Contract Negotiations

Page 30: Provide Senior Leaders

The biggest changes in the Framingham police department would be:

  • To have a completely independent civilian only group overseeing complaints on individual officers and be able to demote or fire those who receive more complaints.

    As long as internal affairs is controlled by the police department, the brutal nature of police will not change. They may do as they please. Talk to Paul Duncan, and Steven Casey

  • Having bodycams on whenever they engage the public. This would show their attitude towards the public based on their speech alone. Their attitude is what usually interests me.

    The following is is a fine example of what they may see. This is not good for community relationship.

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